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Sperry Top Sider boat shoes

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Sperry Top Sider boat shoes have an unmistakable style inspired by the world of sailing. From 1934 to today they have become a reference brand for sailors all over the world. However, they can be worn in any circumstances. Both on a boat and in the city, they allow the wearer to stand out with a timeless elegance suitable for all situations. Visit our catalogue now to discover the Sperry Top Sider men's boat shoes selection.


Over the years, Sperry Top Sider shoes have been meticulously improved thanks to the collaboration with sailors from various US clubs.

By sharing their experience, they have contributed to the creation of Sperry Top Sider boat shoes perfect for any occasion.

Traditional materials have been replaced with leathers treated to resist seawater, and the antioxidant metal eyelets are plated to resist salt. Finally, the rubber soles of Sperry Top Sider boat shoes are characterized by a grooved design that guarantees the maximum grip in all weather conditions and also does not stain the wooden decks of boats.



Sperry Top Sider shoes for men are recognized to be icons of the sailing industry, and thanks to their unchanged charm have obtained a place of honour among the best products of the twentieth century. This fame has certainly been achieved thanks to the continual improvements made to Sperry Top Sider boat shoes and the great quality and durability that distinguishes each item produced by the American company.

Having Sperry Top Sider shoes on means wearing footwear that has great charm and a great history, capable of adapting to the anatomical conformation of each foot, so as to offer a feeling of great comfort thanks to the softness of the leathers used. In nautical environments, people appreciate the practicality of these shoes, which can be taken off without untying the laces so as to facilitate and speed up getting on and off the boat.

On any occasion, Sperry shoes will give a free-spirited, light, summery and at the same time refined and unique soul to the wearer.



Sperry Top Sider is a brand synonymous with boat shoes. Legend has it that the founder of the company, Paul Sperry, a great sailing enthusiast, was watching his dog run on the ice and had the intuition of applying grooves under the sole of his shoes, just like those in his dog’s paws. The idea of ​​observing nature to find effective answers to everyday problems proved to be successful. At that moment the first Sperry Top Sider boat shoes came into being, and, in the famous Authentic Original model, they were to embody the sailing shoe par excellence.

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How can you choose the size of Sperry Top Sider shoes?

We use the EU size chart. If you want to convert to other size scales (USA or UK) you can refer to the practical “Guide”, present on the product page of the shoes you want to buy, to make the conversion.


How do you clean Sperry Top Sider boat shoes?

Sperry Top Sider shoes are a quality product designed for use in extreme conditions. To clean the shoes simply wipe them with a damp cloth and mild soap. Finally, it is recommended you pass a thin layer of grease or shoe cream over them to best maintain the quality of the shoes over time.


What do Sperry Top Sider boat shoes go with?

There are several possibilities for combination with this shoe, present in different colours; classic or sporty Bermuda shorts and a polo shirt, trousers and a linen shirt, but also classic jeans and a t-shirt.


Who have the testimonials of the Sperry Top Sider shoes been?

In all these years of history, there have been numerous testimonials of Sperry Top Sider boat shoes: how can we forget Dennis Conner, who in 1987, at the helm of America’s Cup team, won the prestigious trophy for the United States. Well, Sperry Top Sider was that team's official shoe.

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