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Sperry Top Sider

Sperry Top Sider is synonymous with boat shoes. It is said that the founder of the company, Paul Sperry, a great sailing fan, watched his dog run on ice and had the intuition to make grooves under the soles of his shoes, just like those in his dogs paws. The idea of ​​observing nature to get effective answers to everyday problems proved to be successful. At that moment the first Sperry boat shoes were created.

Since way back in 1934, Sperry shoes have been improved thanks to the experience shared over the years with sailors from various American clubs. The traditional leathers have been replaced with leathers that are treated to resist sea water, and the eyelets for the laces are plated to resist saltiness and the rubber soles no longer stain the wooden decks of boats. In all these years of history, there have been numerous testimonials for Sperry shoes: who doesn’t remember Dennis Conner who in 1987 led the Americas Cup team that won the prestigious trophy for the United States? Well, Sperry Top Sider was that teamofficial shoe. Today the Sperry boat shoe is recognized as an icon that has spanned the decades, retaining unchanged charm and deserving a place of honor among the objects that have characterized the 20th century. This fame was certainly achieved due to the continual improvements made to Sperry shoes and to the great quality and durability that distinguishes every product of the American company.

Wearing a Sperry shoe means wearing a product of great charm, able to adapt to the anatomical shape of each foot, so as to afford a feeling of great comfort. Sperry shoes, with their timeless image, can be worn both when you’re on board and on any other occasion, distinguishing themselves with discreet and timeless elegance.

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