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Penombra is an Italian company founded in 1968 specializing in the production of men's nightwear. The Penombra collection is a reference point in classic men's sleepwear in the iconic models with front buttoning and trousers with buttons on the belt. This model is made with the most suitable fabrics for the various seasons.

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The passion of the company’s owner Mauro Granelli for craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail has helped over time to consolidate Penombra creations at the top of Made in Italy as niche products dedicated to a consumer attentive to quality and refinement of finishes. The offer is completed with smoking jackets and dressing gowns in wool and cashmere. Floccari Store in collaboration with Penombra offers a tailor-made service for “Piacenza Cashmere” jackets and dressing gowns in pure cashmere. For information, contact our Customer Care.

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