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The Lacoste polo shirt is a garment appreciated all over the world, a great classic that emphasizes a sporty style with a hint of discreet elegance. We at Floccari Store have made up a wide selection of Lacoste polo shirts for all tastes and sizes. Take a look at our catalogue and choose the polo shirt you want!

Lacoste polo shirt: technical characteristics

Over the decades the weight of the Lacoste polo shirt fabric has changed, to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the public. The only unchanged feature is the type of spinning, which has remained the same since the beginning in the early 1900s: piquet, which with its characteristics of elasticity and breathability facilitates the performance of sports activities without hindering the free movement of the body.

Although it was designed by a sportsman for tennis, today the Lacoste polo shirt is one of the most popular garments in the world.


Lacoste polo shirt for men

Within the vast range of Lacoste polo shirts for men, over the years there have been new fits such as the slim fit Lacoste polo shirt for men and new models like the now well-established Lacoste long-sleeved polo shirt. But surely one of the most appreciated features, and one which has contributed to the diffusion and affirmation of the Lacoste polo shirt, is the great choice of colours available. The white Lacoste polo shirt was the first and remains the best-selling to this day. Numerous shades have been added to this, among which the most popular are the elegant green Lacoste polo shirt, the pink Lacoste polo shirt and the black Lacoste polo shirt.


When and how to wear a Lacoste Polo shirt

You can wear a Lacoste polo shirt in virtually any circumstance where a formal outfit is not required. The enormous popularity of this polo shirt, which over the years has also seen famous users, has contributed to the expansion of the areas of use even in circumstances once considered more formal.

In the mild season, the possibilities for combining a Lacoste polo shirt are endless, from classic jeans to chinos pants, from sporty sneakers to leather moccasins. The great variety of colours offers a range of combinations for all tastes. Obviously, the classic summer combination with Bermuda shorts and boating shoes should not be forgotten.


Lacoste polo shirt: wearability

The Lacoste polo shirt, to be in line with the tastes of the public, exists in two fits: Classic fit and Slim fit.

The Lacoste “Classic Fit” polo shirt enhances a polo shirt with generous volumes suitable for larger people or in general for those who prefer wider and more comfortable clothing.

The Lacoste “Slim Fit” polo shirt is characterized by reduced volumes in the shoulders and waistline and is also a few centimetres shorter than the “Classic” fit (see the size guide on the product page). The Lacoste slim fit polo shirt is suitable for thinner people or in general for those who prefer tighter clothing.


Browse our selection of Lacoste Polo Shirts and choose your favourite!



What are Lacoste Chiné polo shirts?

Lacoste Chiné is a polo shirt like any other in mélange colour variants. This particular effect is achieved during spinning by weaving a thread with a contrasting colour. The effect is always discreet and adds a touch of originality to the colour of the polo shirt. Lacoste Chiné can be in both Classic and Slim Fit.

How can I choose the correct Lacoste polo shirt size?

If you want to buy a Lacoste polo shirt but do not know which size to choose, we recommend that you measure a polo shirt you own that fits you correctly and compare the measurements taken with the "size guide" on the page of each Lacoste polo shirt.

Do I have to wash the Lacoste polo shirt in any particular way?

The Lacoste polo shirt is made of pure cotton and is therefore very robust. However, to preserve its colour and duration, we advise you to carry out the first wash cold and the following ones at no more than 30°-40° C; wash it inside out and with the buttons done up. Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the drying phase: hang the polo shirt from the bottom edge, always upside down, or put it in a hanger and let it dry in the shade in a ventilated place away from direct sunlight which would cause loss of colour in the exposed part. Finally, for ironing, it is advisable to iron the polo shirt inside out starting from the back.

Who designed the Lacoste Polo shirt?

The famous French tennis player René Lacoste designed the first famous Lacoste polo shirt in white for himself. It was the early 1900s, and since those years the crocodile has come a long way, becoming the most famous polo shirt in the world. From tennis courts to nautical clubs, today the Lacoste polo shirt is a great classic known all over the world.


If you have any questions, contact Customer Care from the product page and we will help you choose your Lacoste Polo shirt.

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