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The various models of W6YZ shoes are made with the best materials available on the market and packaged with the most modern production systems that ensure a quality standard at the highest levels and a long life while always maintaining a new appearance. Discover the W6YZ model that best represents you and if you need advice, contact our Customer Care and we will be at your disposal for any clarification.

W6YZ sneakers are aimed at a heterogeneous audience that is attentive to innovations and loves a shoe capable of expressing a non-trivial personality and wants to stand out without overdoing it. This corporate mission gives rise to the W6YZ collections, which evolve over time by offering products capable of expressing the energy of movement that dynamic people have who love to mix outfits without being trapped in the usual patterns.

There is no rule to stand out without overdoing it, but certainly shoes contribute in an important way to achieving this goal. The W6YZ collections are always updated with the trendiest colors so as to offer greater combination possibilities for creating new and never banal outfits.

Floccari Store, with the intention of always offering its customers an interesting shopping experience, has selected some of the most representative models of the entire W6YZ catalog that embody the spirit that distinguishes the brand.



W6YZ "Just say Wizz" – what at first glance may seem a strange and unpronounceable acronym, born from the mind of an eccentric designer, actually represents the synthesis of the person that designed the logo, his working "legacy" and the will to reach out to the future.

Many customers are curious to know the meaning of this brand name and ask us what W6YZ means. We will explain its origins: the "W" is the initial of the name of Walter Van Beirendonck, who is not just any eccentric designer but is a design professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp and is part of the "Antwerp 6", which was a group of six Belgian designers, nonconformists who in the 1980s were noticed by the press for their innovative ideas, and were nicknamed the Antwerp 6; hence the "6", while Y and Z are the last two letters of the alphabet and together they represent the progress of the present that leads us into the future.

The logo is born from the spark that is formed by the union of these 4 letters and the trail represents the speed and movement of a constantly evolving brand.

The Italian company Falc, the owner of the brand, is a leader in the footwear sector with other successful brands, also for children's shoes, and the introduction of the W6YZ brand represents the desire to bring a new fashion experience but with particular attention to comfort and the quality of the products that only a company with many years of experience can offer.

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