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Over the years, Helly Hansen polo shirts have become a highly regarded garment around the world. The Norwegian brand has succeeded in combining simplicity with elegance, giving life to one of the flagship products of this company. Helly Hansen polo shirts are available in various colours. Take a look at our selection and choose your favourite!

Helly Hansen polo shirts: technical characteristics

Helly Hansen is always at the forefront in the search for new materials and new products that simplify every sporting activity and make it more comfortable, be it a regatta in the middle of the ocean or a walk in the mountains.

Today, among the most famous and appreciated products, there is certainly the Helly Hansen polo shirt in Tactel, which is the result of years of research and innovation to meet the need for a garment that is comfortable to wear, and practical and suitable for all types of activity, be it sporting or daily.

The Helly Hansen polo shirt, thanks to the Tactel® honeycomb fabric with which it is made, has the ability to dry 8 times faster than a fabric of the same weight in cotton: this avoids the unpleasant feeling of wetness that you feel after an activity on one of the hottest days. Sports enthusiasts appreciate this polo shirt for the elasticity that accompanies movements and for the resistance of the fabric. In addition, the fabric of the Helly Hansen polo shirt reduces UV rays by 30% (UPF30 +) offering a valid barrier against the harmful UV rays of the sun for those who practice outdoor activities.


When and how to wear a Helly Hansen polo shirt

The Helly Hansen polo shirt in Tactel® is one of the most versatile garments. Indeed, in the warmer seasons use of the Helly Hansen short-sleeved polo shirt is preferred to other garments for its practicality and the freedom of movement it allows.

In outdoor sports, the highly popular Helly Hansen Tactel polo shirt guarantees natural perspiration of the body and a sensation of freshness given by the rapid evaporation of sweat. From regattas to sailing holidays, the Helly Hansen polo shirt is appreciated for its quick-drying and for the fact that it does not require ironing, allowing quick washing and readiness for use with an always impeccable appearance.


Helly Hansen polo shirt: wearability and colours

Although designed for sports use, the Helly Hansen polo shirt in Tactel® has a comfortable but not loose fit and the elasticity of the fabric affords great freedom of movement even if you choose a smaller size in order to feel a tighter fit.

The choice of colours for Helly Hansen polo shirts in Tactel® is huge and is updated from season to season to offer an ever wider choice suitable for every situation. They range from the classic blue HH polo shirt with a more “formal” look to the always popular white or the more vivid colours that are very popular in summer. In the wide range of colours offered for Helly Hansen polo shirts, the fluorescent colours often used by regatta crews to be clearly visible at sea or simply by those who like not to go unnoticed deserve a mention.


Visit our catalogue and choose the Helly Hansen polo shirt you want!



How should I wash a Helly Hansen polo shirt?

The Helly Hansen polo shirt does not require particular maintenance. Indeed, it can be machine washed and does not require ironing. This detail, combined with quick-drying, is particularly appreciated when travelling. A Helly Hansen polo shirt in Tactel® maintains its appearance over time since it tends not to lose its colour. Moreover, the softness of the fabric remains stable even after numerous washes.

How do I choose the correct size for a Helly Hansen polo shirt?

The best way to choose the size of your next Helly Hansen polo in Tactel® is to compare the size of a polo shirt you own that fits you well and compare it with the measurements in the "Size Guide" of each Helly Hansen polo shirt product page.


If you need assistance, please contact our Customer Care from the product page and we will be happy to help you choose your Helly Hansen polo shirt.

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