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Perofil sleepwear is one of the most representative companies in the sector in the constant effort to maintain an increasingly complete and assorted product catalog. The Perofil pajama collection consists of a vast assortment of models: from pajamas buttoned on the front, to round-neck or crew-neck pajamas with buttons. Finally, there are some models with cuffs at the ankles for those who do not like pajama pants to curl up on their legs during the night. 

In order to offer an increasingly complete assortment that meets the real needs of an ever-growing number of customers, Perofil has paid great attention to the choice of fabrics for its sleepwear. The Perofil catalog offers pure cotton pajamas in both winter flannel and jersey, but also poplin and summer lisle pajamas. All the fabrics used for producing Perofil pajamas are subjected to a rigorous check on the quality characteristics in order to make sure that the quality is adequate to guarantee the pajamas will not be deformed and that the colors are resistant to repeated washing so as to maintain the pajamas in impeccable condition for a long time. Some fabrics are made with a small percentage of elastane, which gives the pajamas greater freedom of movement by limiting the feeling of being trapped in a rigid garment. Ultimately, the choice of fabrics used for Perofil pajamas contributes substantially to the quality of the products, which guarantee unparalleled comfort and customer satisfaction.

In this regard, it must be said that the collections never go too far towards a tight fit, but rather are comfortable, and there are sober colors and patterns that are often inspired by the small designs used in ties.

For our Store we have selected some of the models that have the most satisfied customers’ tastes: for the colder season, there are fleece fabrics in the overalls models, which provide the necessary comfort for the home environment; for the summer, the short pajamas in light cotton jersey are certainly the most popular.


Perofil started up in the early 1900s as a company specializing in the production of men's underwear. The collections which over the years have enriched the Perofil catalog have always been inspired by a classic taste, without excesses and without too many references to the fashion trends that have followed one another over the years. This company choice has significantly contributed to the consolidation of Perofil products in men's underwear. Indeed, it is not rare to find models in the collection that have been present for decades and have met the favor of the public. Many men who have had the opportunity to try the comfort of the items in the Perofil collections have never abandoned the brand: after all, we know "man is a creature of habit", and when comfort is involved, it is even more so. For this reason, Perofil's decision to keep many permanent items in the catalog has proved to be a winning strategy.

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