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Fly 3 Italian Knitwear

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Fly3 knitwear was born from an Italian company founded in 1979 by the entrepreneur Luciano Bilancioni. With the intention of combining his great passion for sailing with traditional hand-made techniques, Bilancioni launched Fly3 knitwear, characterized by a washable water-repellent yarn, resistant to pilling and with a unique seafaring taste. Take a look at our catalogue and buy Fly3 knitwear online.

Fly3 knitwear: technical characteristics

Over the years, Fly3 knitwear has developed and patented yarns with innovative features, thanks to which it has won several international awards and recognitions. One stands out above them all, the prestigious I.W.S. awarded by the Secretariat of Pure Virgin Wool as the best interpreter of super-washable yarns.

The real strength of the Fly3 knitwear yarn and sweater catalogue is the reversible seamless sweaters, such as Weatherly in wool on one side and cotton on the other, made with special spinning machines. These garments are also available with 2-SHADE Dye, which provides on one side solid colour and on the other a different colour with a whitened effect for marine use. Respecting the environment, Fly3 knitwear has been using only natural biodegradable packaging for several years to contain pollution and preserve fauna.

Over the years, some jerseys from the Fly3 collection have met the public’s satisfaction more than others: this is how the permanent Archetipi collection was born, which includes them all. In the collection we can find Tamata and the Tamata cardigan, both reversible with large English knit; Weatherly, a reversible sweater in wool on one side and cotton on the other; J-class, a reversible knitted extra-fine merino product with sateen wool; Pilar, a mélange English knit with a high collar; and Slocum, a knitted jacket with a zip, in super-twisted merino wool. Each new collection is continually enriched with new yarns and new ideas, so as to always offer a rich catalogue with a wide and varied choice on different themes.


When and how to wear Fly3 knitwear

Refined and comfortable, Fly3 sweaters can be worn on any occasion. The special dyeing treatments that the garments undergo make them exclusive and capable of showing a man with a unique style inspired by the sea, adventure and great seafaring feats.

Over a t-shirt or directly on the skin, the result is impeccable on casual occasions and in leisure hours. In addition, the 2-Shade reversible sweaters make it possible to wear them on the same day, with two different souls; in the office in the morning with full dye, and an aperitif with friends with bleached dye, all by simply turning the shirt inside out.

Wearing one of the reversible Fly3 sweaters means standing out with a unique style.


Fly3 sweaters: wearability

The slim comfort fit, updated according to the most current fashion trends, gives each Fly3 shirt great comfort and freedom of movement that only a seamless shirt can give. All this, combined with great quality and simple maintenance, can give a look of sober elegance for a long time.

Browse our entire selection and choose your favourite Fly3 sweater!



What is 2-SHADE dye?

Some reversible sweaters produced by Fly3 knitwear, to have an even more particular character, have a full-strength dye on the outer side and a bleached dye on the reverse side in order to give the shirt two souls, one more classic and one sportier.

How should I wash my Fly3 jersey?

Fly3 sweaters, thanks to the special treatments that the wools undergo, can be machine washed at 30° C; indeed, such washing is recommended to recompact the fibre and revive the colours, while drying must take place in the open air.

How do I choose the correct size?

Each Fly3 jersey model has a different fit; this is because the dyeing and washing that the shirts undergo during production give different final results depending on the type of mix the shirt is made with.

Therefore, we recommend that you refer to the "size guide" on each product page, comparing the measurements in the table with those of a shirt in your possession that fits you well.

If you need help, contact Customer Care from the product page and we will be ready to assist you in choosing your Fly3 sweater!

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