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Sandqvist backpacks are ideal for those who love to travel carrying with them what is indispensable while maintaining a minimal and practical look. Most Sandqvist backpacks offer a trendy-chic style ensuring space and comfort. These backpacks are made with eco-friendly materials of the highest quality that give unmatched durability and resistance.

Their Nordic and classic style makes them perfect to wear for both mountain hikes and business meetings.

Features of the Sandqvist backpack

The Sandqvist backpack collection is characterized by a Nordic and compact style. The production of these backpacks was inspired by the nature and Nordic landscape of Sweden made unique by mountains, lakes and vast areas of unspoiled greenery.

For those who love minimal, Sandqvist backpacks are the best solution thanks to their sober lines and the lack of superfluous details. In addition, they are equipped with an internal layout that offers the necessary space to contain everything you need for any type of occasion.

Another peculiarity of this product to stress is the use of eco-sustainable materials. The material used is 100% recycled polyester, made from PET bottles, worked with the water-repellent and abrasion-resistant “Eco Made Cordura” coating that allows fabrics to live longer by reducing waste.

Sandqvist backpack models and colours

On our site there is a wide range of Sandqvist products available in different colours, carefully selected to meet the various tastes of our customers.

Among the various models of backpacks, the most successful are the Sandqvist Bernt backpack and the Sandqvist Harald backpack, present in different colours. They have considerable internal space and are well-organized thanks to the presence of numerous pockets and an unmistakable elegant and compact style.

Other equally popular models are the 25-litre Sandqvist Verner backpack with a laptop pocket quickly accessible with an external side zip, the 11.5-liter Sandqvist Ilon backpack, which can be extended in height thanks to the possibility of adjusting the amount of rolled fabric, the Sandqvist Glenn practical and light 10-litre backpack and finally the 12-litre Sandqvist Tyre backpack convertible into a shoulder strap or briefcase thanks to practical handles.

Get inspired by our selection of Sandqvist backpacks and buy the backpack that best suits your needs.

The Sandqvist brand

Sandqvist produces backpacks and accessories designed for those who love functionality and sobriety of design that is elegant and in perfect Swedish style.

In Stockholm in the early 2000s, the brothers Anton and Daniel Sandqvist with their friend

Sebastian Westin launched this brand of bags and accessories strongly inspired by their

rural origins and their respect for nature and eco-sustainability.

Used to living outdoors while respecting the beauty of their land, the three decided to create a series of simple and above all functional accessories both for the city and for free time. The style is purely Northern European, the lines are minimal, the materials resistant and of excellent quality and the colours are mainly inspired by the typical shades of nature, alternating with more urban colours such as black and grey.

In a recent interview, one of the founders of Sandqvist said a little about himself, his love for his work and his passion for the outdoors as a form of inspiration in production of new models.

For this purpose, the company owns a mountain hut in northern Sweden which can be reached in winter only after a long ski trip.

The lack of electricity and running water makes this an ideal place to concentrate and find inspiration to create new models.

The collections, in compliance with the company’s philosophy, are always made with quality eco-sustainable materials. Furthermore, respect for the rights of workers who work at small companies in India with which they have been collaborating for years in order to maximize their quality of life and their job prospects is crucial for the company.

Wearing a Sandqvist backpack you will have a unique and elegant style, and you will also contribute to the preservation of the planet thanks to the use of low environmental impact materials. Browse our catalogue of Sandqvist backpacks and buy your favourite backpack!


Are Sandqvist backpacks suitable for carrying laptops?

Of course! All Sandqvist backpacks in our store are equipped with a laptop pocket. Most backpacks can hold 13” laptops. However, some models are able to carry 15” laptops. Among them we find the Sandqvist Harald backpack, the Sandqvist Algot backpack and the Sandqvist Tyre backpack.

What materials are used to make Sandqvist backpacks?

The materials used for production of Sandqvist backpacks are mainly organic cotton, recycled polyester and leather.

Are Sandqvist backpacks eco-friendly?

In addition to the use of environmentally friendly materials, during the production of Sandqvist backpacks the company is committed to reducing the use of chemicals, and this favours a significant decrease in water consumption. In addition, the production process is optimized for the reduction of water wastage.

How does the Sandvist company respect workers’ rights?

The company’s philosophy is quite strict in this regard. The company is constantly striving to allow a dignified life for workers who work at companies in India, to ensure all this is registered with the Fair Wear Foundation.

If you want to get more information on choosing your new Sandqvist backpack, we recommend that you contact our Customer Care directly from the page of the product you would like to purchase.

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