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Carrel Italian Shirts

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Carrel Camiceria (shirt company) was born in Crocetta del Montello in Veneto in the 1950s. The founder’s passion for fabrics and his determination helped spread the Carrel brand around Italy at a time when shirt production moved from small shirt shops to industrial production. During those years, Carrel shirts consolidated their image of quality and attention to detail, typical characteristics of handmade shirts of the past. The production of Carrel shirts is, still today, all made in Italy and according to tradition, made with the finest fabrics available on the market. 

Each collection of Carrel shirts contains great attention to the latest fashion trends, always respecting the Italian tradition of Craftsmanship. This care gives each Carrel shirt, in its various wearability, unparalleled comfort suitable for any preference. The available fits are "Classic", for those who prefer to wear a soft shirt with a wide sleeve ride and more space on the waist.  "Dressed" more updated with a smaller sleeve ride and 2 pleats behind that reduce the volume at the waist without dressing tight like a “Slim Fit” and therefore without reducing comfort and freedom of movement. Another strong point of the Carrel catalog is the wide choice of fabrics that compose it, ranging from Poplin to Zephir and Twill in the finest titles up to 200/2, which is double twisted light non-transparent with a silky side and exceptional shine that only fabrics of a certain value possess. Particular attention to the choice of collars, whose shape in each shirt defines its use and determines its elegance or sportiness or simply the good taste of the person wearing it. All the collars are with the removable slat and available in various heights to meet the needs of each client; collars come in various sizes and with openings that go from the classic collar with closed ends to the French passing through the intermediate ways. Wearing a Carrel shirt means wearing quality and innovation with a sober elegance, with close attention to the tradition of Italian shirt making.

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