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Gallo Socks

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Gallo socks are a great classic, very colourful and always up-to-date, and are a reference point for those who want to add a touch of colour to their look while maintaining an elegant and fashionable style. Discover our selection and find the Gallo sock that best interprets your way of being!

Gallo socks for men

Gallo socks stand out in the choice of cotton and wool yarns with fine titers. The brand is known for the attention paid to the search for and use of high-quality materials.

Gallo socks for men have evolved over the years, focusing more and more on the colours and proportions of the stripes. This constant search for innovation has made it possible to create innovative models such as Gallo vanisé socks characterized by ribs in different shades, Gallo Windsor socks which have a classic style with horizontal stripes, and lastly, Gallo twin rib socks made unique with ribs in relief that produce particular chromatic effects.

This product is particularly appreciated by our customers as it is available in various unique patterns suitable for any occasion.

The models in cotton and elastane are in one size from 40 to 45 so as to be particularly suitable for a gift.

The Gallo brand

The Gallo company was founded in Milan in 1927 and immediately established itself on the market with a high-quality product.

The socks of this period differed from those of today due to the absence of an elastic keeping them up on the calves, so they slid down to the ankles, unless garters were used. After the war, to give new impetus to production, the Siam hosiery of the Colombo family in Desenzano bought the prestigious Gallo brand, merged production in a single factory and launched an innovative product: the sock with an elastic calf.

Initially, this new product struggled to garner support, until a store in Bologna decided to believe in these new socks and bought a small batch.

In a short time, it ended with the 'new' Gallo having to limit production in order to satisfy all requests.

In the meantime, the company was increasingly establishing itself in a position of prestige on the market for Gallo socks for men, thanks to the usual ingredients: quality, bright colours and patterns that have made the history of the brand.

Finally, in 2003 the company took over the oldest hosiery company in the world, Dorè Dorè, founded in 1819.

We have selected for you a wide range of Gallo socks available on our online store. Visit our catalogue and buy your favourite sock!


How do you wash Gallo Socks?

No special precautions are necessary. Gallo Socks can be washed in water at 40°C, without bleaching, and left to air dry, and obviously they do not need to be ironed.

What do Gallo socks go with?

They are available in different colours and patterns, and perfectly match any type of clothing.

Where are Gallo socks made?

The socks are produced with the highest quality materials exclusively in Italy.

How can you wear Gallo socks in formal situations?

In these situations, we recommend matching the colour of the sock with that of the suit.

What can you wear striped Gallo socks with?

The perfect match is striped Gallo socks with jeans and sports shoes. However, you can let your imagination run wild by wearing the socks to your liking.

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