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Julipet pajamas

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Julipet is a leading Italian company in the production of men's nightwear. Julipet pajamas, which have been on the market for more than 30 years, are synonymous with quality and tradition and are a reference point in prestigious Italian sleepwear.

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Julipet men's pajamas models

The always wide and assorted offer is enriched from season to season with new patterns developed in the traditional models of men's sleepwear. The fabrics, the strong point of the Julipet collections, underline the quality of the products and consolidate the company's name at the top of the Italian nightwear panorama. The proposals, always up-to-date and in line with the public's preferences, range from fleece to warm cotton for the colder season and are completed with poplin and cotton zephirs for the warmer months. Check out the Julipet catalog on the Floccari Store and find the model that's right for you!

Julipet pajamas are always in step with the latest fashion trends and the collections reflect the most popular color themes in outerwear. Particular care is taken over the choice of models and wearability, to meet the preferences of today's man and build his loyalty with an up-to-date and high-quality product.

Indeed, the Julipet catalog ranges from open men's pajamas in cotton poplin to crew-neck jersey or 3-button seraph. Although open pajamas are considered more classic and suitable for an older audience, today a lot of young men choose this model as a "novelty".

All models of pajamas, in order to have the widest possible range, are also offered in the version with sleeves and shorts so that they can be worn in the warmer months or by those who prefer to sleep all year round in greater comfort.

On all the Julipet pajama collections, particular attention is paid to wearability to offer the maximum comfort and freedom of movement without compromising the look of the pajamas in the slightest; indeed, seeking comfort does not mean increasing the size to have wider pajamas but finding a cut that allows for the right compromise between appearance and comfort. All the fabrics used for the Julipet collections are of high quality and most of them are produced by primary Italian companies that are leaders in the sector.

The history of the Julipet brand

Julipet was born in the mid-50s in Bologna. The history of this company follows that of many small non-industrial realities that came into being after the war and embarked on an entrepreneurial path in that period of great economic turmoil. The intention of the founders was to offer the public a product inspired by innovation with an eye to the Italian craft tradition. The changing needs of the consumer, in the years of the economic boom, have consolidated the Julipet brand in the panorama of quality men's underwear.

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