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Navy Lifa® Active Solen T-Shirt

SKU: 49349-598

Helly Hansen T-shirt from the LIFA® Active line which, thanks to the particular characteristics of the fabric, offers maximum breathability and great comfort on the hottest days, allowing the moisture produced by the body to evaporate quickly.  This Helly Hansen t-shirt has a UPF 50 index so it protects the areas of the body covered by reducing UV rays by 50%.  The fabric with which this T-Shirt is made undergoes a patented S.Cafe® low temperature treatment with reduced environmental impact that exploits the characteristics of coffee grounds to further improve the qualities of the fabric.  The evaporation times of the water are improved by 200% compared to cotton and the ability to retain odors improves comfort especially on the hottest days and during high-intensity activities.

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