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Tamata sweater colour Navy blue/Xwhitely

SKU: ma843-navy001
€275.00 €192.50

Reversible English-style Fly3 crew neck tunic in extra-fine merino wool with seamless hi-tex processing. The Fly3 Tamata is available in some colors with Whitely or XWhitely manual dyeing that gives the shirt an aged look from the sea on one side and the full color on the other. A special treatment makes this Fly3 mesh water repellent, breathable and machine-washable as it does not shrink. The slim comfort fit gives this shirt an updated look without being snug like a slim fit. This jersey is part of the Archetipi Collection that collects the most successful Fly3 jerseys that continue to be produced due to their high popularity with the public.

Made in Italy

Vestibilità Slim Comfort Collezione Permanente Archetipi
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