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Polo Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen came into being in Norway in 1877 when Commander Helly Juell Hansen began producing jackets in waxed fabrics and trousers in coarse canvas soaked in linseed oil for professionals working in adverse weather conditions. Over the years, the company has patented a large number of fabrics with innovative features and has satisfied the demands of professionals from around the world engaged in work in the least hospitable areas on the planet.

Today, among the most famous and appreciated products, there is certainly the Helly Hansen polo-neck in Tactel which is the result of years of research and innovation to meet the need for comfortable and practical attire suitable for every type of activity, be it a sports or an everyday one. The Helly Hansen polo shirt, thanks to the Tactel honeycomb fabric with which it is made, has the ability to dry 8 times faster than a cotton fabric the same weight: this avoids the unpleasant sensation of wet skin that you feel after activity on the hottest days. Sportsmen appreciate this polo shirt for the elasticity that accompanies movements and the durability of the fabric. Moreover, the fabric of this polo shirt reduces UV rays by 30% (UPF30 +), affording a valid barrier against harmful UV sunrays for people engaged in outdoor activities.

The Helly Hansen polo shirt does not need special maintenance: it can be machine washed and does not require ironing. This detail, combined with quick drying, is particularly appreciated when traveling. The Helly Hansen polo shirt in Tactel maintains its appearance over time with low susceptibility to color loss. Moreover, the softness of the fabric remains stable even after numerous washes.

Helly Hansen is always at the forefront in the search for new materials and new products that simplify every sporting activity and make it more comfortable, be it a regatta in the ocean or a walk in the mountains. Here you can choose the Helly Hansen polo shirt that suits you or see the catalog of other unique products of this Norwegian brand.

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