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Herschel Backpacks

Herschel backpacks are the travel accessory prototype that comes to mind when we get ready for an excursion or a walk, but also when we need a practical knapsack in which to put what is necessary without forsaking style. The fact is that for both working or traveling, Herschel backpacks are undisputed companions of every adventure and faithful containers of our daily objects. The Canadian Herschel brand produces backpacks and accessories that, with their American retroimage, have conquered millions of devoted clients becoming, from 2009 to today, a global phenomenon with more than fifteen thousand sales points all over the world.

Use of the backpack has spread, in the last few years, from the outdoor world to daily life, involving a more and more heterogeneous public that has found, in the use of this accessory, practicality and freedom of movement unthinkable with classical work bags or travel trolleys. The Herschel backpack collection has succeeded in interpreting this demand of the public and has contributed to the spread of the backpack, which many now define irreplaceable. The Herschelcollections are enriched every year with new models and new colors, from the most classical to the liveliest, so as to satisfy the needs of a bigger and bigger public. Now it is not difficult to see around you professional people, travellers or urban bicyclists united by passion for the backpack. Thanks to the variety of its offer, Herschel succeeds in finding solutions to the various demands: whether it is laptop to be transported safely or simply hand baggage for the airplane, you will find what you need in the Floccari Store catalog of Herschel backpacks.

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