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Teleria Zed trousers

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The Teleria Zed brand is owned by the Zansavio family which manages all the production phases of the trousers, from pattern making to production, leaving only the washing part to external laboratories specialized in this operation.

Teleria Zed trousers

Teleria Zed is the name of the brand of an Italian Trouser Company that develops and manufactures the entire collection of trousers in its factory in the province of Teramo in Abruzzo. All Teleria Zed trousers embody the mastery typical of the sartorial productions of the past now made modern by the use of new machinery, using more evolved fabrics with wearability that respond simultaneously to both the tradition and the market demand.

Today's trousers, with drier lines, highlight the differences in terms of comfort, among the various products on the market, for this reason the Teleria Zed pays great attention to detail so that every pair of trousers can be pleasant to wear for a long time. The strengths that make a Teleria Zed trousers unique, are certainly constructive, in fact the shaped outer belt and the various hand-made steps offer unparalleled comfort. Each pair of Teleria Zed trousers and jeans takes advantage of a careful study of the cuts that, combined with various tailoring finesse in the assembly phase, give elegance and practicality, allowing each pair to dress in an extremely comfortable way, leaving the wearer freedom of movement and an incomparable wearability. The Teleria Zed Trouser collections offer a wide choice of fabrics and models, always b a very being a personal item of clothing and in line with the latest fashion trends.

The choice of fabrics that make up the Teleria Zed collection is varied and ranges from wool to poplin cotton stretch to be able to satisfy the preferences of customers who over the years have appreciated these trousers.

Floccari Store has selected for its customers a choice of trousers with different wearability and different fabrics, to offer its customers a range as complete as possible to meet everyone’ needs. In order to make the shopping experience safer and less random, Floccari Store offers advice on measurements and fits to all customers who contact customer care via email.

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