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Cape Horn

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Cape Horn is an Italian brand specializing in production of clothing and accessories. Within the Cape Horn catalog there stand out the down jackets inspired by great travels around the world. The modern technologies used and cutting-edge materials make each Cape Horn down jacket an exclusive garment of great value that combines elegance and ease of use.

Getting involved every day in Cape Horn means finding innovative ideas with the aim of obtaining jackets with small volumes, which nevertheless perfectly respond to the climatic needs for which they were designed. The Performance line embodies the needs of the "urban traveler", so there is maximum attention to detail for discreet elegance on every occasion. The reduced weights offer great comfort and freedom of movement while guaranteeing waterproofness and breathability.

Cape Horn men's down jacket

Within the Cape Horn Catalog, down jackets certainly occupy a leading position. Among the various models on offer, some have met particular favor with the public and every year they are revisited in finishes and colors. The high-density fabric ensures maximum waterproofness and resistance to stains. In addition, the texture of the fabrics used, being denser, retains the feathers inside the jacket more, limiting the loss of feathers to a minimum.

All the down used for the Cape Horn down jacket is traced and certified according to the strict Japanese JIS® standard, which guarantees that no animals have been mistreated for the production of the down. Floccari Store offers a selection of Cape Horn down jackets and other jackets with different characteristics.

The classic 100g “Matt Clipper” is a jacket that with its matte finish gives sober elegance at the first signs of cold. Comfortable and not very bulky, this 100g Cape Horn down jacket is certainly one of the best sellers of the Cape Horn collection.

With the same opaque fabric, the Roca down vest is always at the top of the sales rankings as a versatile leisure garment. The offer is completed by the "Calafate" parka, which with its clean lines is the ideal garment for any occasion, both to put over a jacket and as a leisure jacket. The 3M Thinsulate adding obtained with 83% recycled plastic avoids clutter and leaves ample freedom of movement while ensuring the right climatic comfort.

Respecting the environment and animals, Cape Horn uses only high-quality duvets deriving from the food production process in order to contribute to a sustainable circular economy.

Cape Horn, always attentive to nature and sustainability, has obtained the REACH and OEKO-TEX certifications, which guarantee that the fabrics and accessories used for the packaging of products do not use cheap labor or chemicals prohibited by the certification protocol.

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