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J-Class 2-Shade cotton and cashmere crew-neck

SKU: MU301-271
€209.02 €146.31

Fly3 J-Class crew-neck, 45% cotton, 40% bamboo and 15% cashmere. HI-Tex seamless processing for a better fit, reversible with 2-Shade dyeing, on one side a solid color and on the other a different color with a bleached effect for seafaring use. Two souls of the same shirt. Cotton, bamboo and cashmere, joined together, give this sweater exceptional features such as preserving body temperature and breathability, creating a natural sensation of comfort and relaxation. Also, this special mix of fibers gives this Fly3 J-Class sweater excellent tenacity, keeping it firm even after repeated washing in a washing machine and preserving it from the formation of pilling. The slim comfort fit defines a sweater with an up-to-date image without being as tight as a slim fit. This shirt is part of the Archetipi Collection that brings together the most successful Fly3 sweaters, which go on being produced, seeing their great popularity with the public.

Slim Comfort fit Archetipi collection Made in Italy
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