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Diadora Heritage

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Diadora Heritage shoes give elegance and a vintage soul to the wearer. The Heritage collection revisits the classic models of the well-known brand with modern colours for an evergreen style. Known for their comfort, Diadora Heritage men’s shoes are produced with the highest quality materials. Available in different colours and models suitable for all occasions.

Diadora Heritage for men

With the Diadora Heritage line, the sneaker becomes a very trendy accessory that combines the tradition of footwear with the world of fashion. Diadora Heritage for men expresses a concept of fashion with a vintage flavour, reprising models that have been part of the history of the Venetian company, revisited in the leathers, shapes and colours to be updated with the most current fashion trends.

Choosing Diadora Heritage shoes for men means first of all choosing a product made with excellent raw materials, with extreme attention to detail and with the style that has made Italian fashion great around the world.

Diadora Heritage shoes made of leather have been subjected to leather greasing treatment and made unique by stonewashed and dirty effects for a style with a vintage, sporty and youthful flavour perfect to combine with your urban-chic outfit.

Diadora sneakers

Wearing Diadora sneakers means wearing shoes that offer a great feeling of comfort with an unmistakable style that perfectly combines a sporty look with an elegant one.

Our selection includes various models of Diadora shoes, in different colours, to create the most up-to-date combinations.

Among the most popular models of our online Diadora collection, in addition to the Heritage model, we find the Diadora Equipe Italia with leather inserts, with a soul that is classical and sporty at the same time, available in various colours. Another top model among Diadora men’s shoes is the Diadora Game Italia shoe, which recalls the style of the 80s; it is made of leather and produced exclusively in Italy. Finally, equally appreciated and prestigious is the Diadora B. Elite Heritage model, which fully represents the excellence of Made in Italy, made with a leather upper that makes it suitable for any occasion.

The Diadora brand

The Diadora Italian shoe factory originated in the Veneto region in 1948, thanks to the creativity of Marcello Danieli. Initially, the production was non-industrial and was limited to mountain boots. Over the first decades, the company evolved from the field of boots for use in fields and woods to that of work shoes. This first evolution made it possible to develop more complex construction technologies that laid the foundations for the next phase of development, which began in 1967, following corporate restructuring from which the Diadora shoe factory officially came into being. In the following years, with the help of new machinery and the acquisition of important patents, the company grew and developed. In the 1970s, with the Montreal ‘76 Olympics, the logo changed and took on the current Freccia Alata (Winged Arrow) shape. In the 1980s, sponsorships in various sports disciplines and the introduction of new materials and innovations consolidated the Diadora brand among the best-known and most appreciated in the world.

In the Floccari Store you will find the best products of the Diadora Heritage collection – browse the catalog and buy the shoe that will make your outfit unique now!


How do you clean Diadora Heritage sneakers?

Brush to remove dust and wipe with a damp cloth; the sole can be cleaned with a mild soap. Do not use degreasers because they are too aggressive on the rubber.

Are Diadora sneakers suitable for summer use?

The new Diadora Equipe SW collection in our catalogue is the summer collection par excellence. They will give your outfit a vintage touch and unique elegance.

Are Diadora men’s sneakers for winter use?

Many of the models from the Diadora Heritage collection in the Floccari Store are perfect for the winter period. Thanks to the excellent quality materials used, they are extremely comfortable and warm.

Do Diadora shoes fit tight?

In general, yes, Diadora shoes fit tight. For a perfect shoe, we recommend buying a size larger than what you usually wear with other brands.

How do I choose the correct size for Diadora Heritage?

Some Diadora models use the Italian size chart while others adopt the UK size chart.

To choose the correct Diadora Heritage size, refer to the “Size Guide” on each product page. The tables in the “Size Guide” allow you to convert from Italian to English or American sizes.

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