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Burgundy wool silk and cashmere sweater

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SKU: H0130-30738
€200.00 €140.00
maglioni heritage
Spalle A 41 42 44 46 48 49
Torace B 50 52 54 57 58 60
Vita C 48 49 52 54 55 58
Lunghezza D 66 68 71 72 74 74
Manica E 65 65 66 66 67 65

Heritage crewneck sweater in 70% wool, 20% silk and 10% cashmere, particularly bright in colors and very soft, also suitable for use directly on the skin as well as under a jacket instead of a shirt or on sports trousers. Dressed fit that characterizes a shirt that is less wide in the chest and waist so as to have a more up-to-date look without being tight like a slim fit.

This sweater is part of Selection 120 which is a refined collection of sweaters chosen by us and made by prestigious Italian knitwear factories, with fine yarns of pure Zegna Baruffa extra-fine Merino wool or blended with silk and cashmere. The titer of these wools, precisely 120', defines their lightness, making them suitable for use even in summer. The bright colors and the unmistakable touch experience of these wools will give discreet elegance over time.


Made in Italy

Selezione 120’

Dressed Fit

Made in Italy

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