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Bramante Italian Knitwear


Bramante is a brand by a prestigious Italian knitwear factory, which has been at the highest levels of retail distribution both in Italy and abroad for over 30 years. Strongly linked to the tradition of Italian knitters, every Bramante article contains style and innovation, maintaining the style only a "Made in Italy" brand can give. The Bramante knitwear collections always keep an eye on the latest fashion trends and a classic component that comes in even the biggest sizes. All the work starts from the choice of the yarn and the most suitable knit stitch to create the model. The variety of yarns is very wide and ranges from the pure cashmere of the finest Italian spinning mills to merino, supergeelong and various blends with silk or cashmere.

Thanks to the attention to detail and unquestionable quality, every garment in the Bramante knitwear collection keeps an always-new appearance over time, capable of giving pleasant sensations of softness and comfort.

Another strong point of Bramante knitwear is the wearability that, in various configurations, is able to satisfy the request of every customer, from slim fit to the comfort of the regular fit.

Among the various yarns of the Bramante collection, surely one of the most appreciated is Triploritorto®, an Australian extra-fine merino wool, made with the collaboration of the prestigious Italian spinning mill Zegna Baruffa. The particular technique used to produce these woolen fabrics contributes to maintaining bright and vivid colors over time and the special anti-felting treatment and the triple twisting which prevents pilling. With the Triploritorto®, Bramante knitwear, make all the sweater models, from the choker to the polo shirt and gradually the turtleneck and then the vest. Choosing Bramante means relying on the experience of one of the most prestigious Italian knitwear companies that, contrary to today's trend of fast and economic productions, has chosen accurate processes that require a high level of ability and skill. The Bramante knitwear company is definitely one of those that form the pride of Made in Italy production.

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